Last day, Last words

Last sat was my last day in the organization i worked for more than one and a half year.

When i had left my office on last sat, i felt quiet, clam, not that glitzy which supposed to be. Indeed, i hardly forget the day i was filled in indignation, it is indisputable that the situation i faced was dire.

But i am the one who is forgetful, i always forget the bleak days, In the email i sent to my colleagues, i expressed my thanks to them, guess this is the scant thing i am willing to do.

Well, to be honest, i dun know would my move, that is go for a new job, would be a grievous blow to my life, i just pretty sure this is the move i should not procrastinate, though there are always risks to be in predicaments, especially i am a slow-witted person.

However,life should never be stagnated, all of us are looking for a vibrant life, so u see me made a swift move, yet i am still feeling disquiet someitmes 😛

anyway, i assure you that i will try my very best to the new job, wish i can vindicate my choice, in a short future.