Scurry to enhance my english!!

it is really the first time my english standard disquiet me.

for almost 10 years, i am confident that i am capable of using english, at least in daily usage.

however, when i had receieved my result in a english examination recently, i wasreally depressed.

i have just comtemplated the result, i concluded that either i was studying at university or working as reporters, it is indisputable that i have dropped my english, no matter is grammar or vocabs. i have to accept that, my command of english is lamentable. >


  1. Madthiu said,

    January 3, 2006 at 1:48 pm

    脂肪兄加油!! 如果是留意 I.T. 新聞或數碼玩意的話我有很多外國的網站可推薦,還有 RSS 的啊! ^_^

  2. 子麟 said,

    March 3, 2006 at 11:31 pm


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